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Upcoming Webinar: Biomedical research using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy

Biomedical research using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy

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In this webcast, the speakers will focus on the biomedical applications of EDS. In this illustration of EDS capability, they will discuss how it can be used to identify the composition of wear particles from failed hip implants and thus determine which part of the implant they originated from.

They will also describe case studies where EDS has been used for medical diagnostics. Finally, they will show how EDS can be used to conduct colour electron microscopy, providing imaging information that facilitates the identification of cells and tissues within hydroxyapatite implants and how the composition of the implant changes during degradation.

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Dr. Louise Hughes

Presenter: Dr. Louise Hughes | Oxford Instruments

Dr. Louise Hughes is the Product Manager for Life Sciences at Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis. Prior to this, she was the facility manager of the Oxford Brookes University Bioimaging unit. Louise specialises in 3D electron microscopy and has been a biological electron microscopist since 2000. Her research focus has been on optimising biological sample preparation, methodology, and imaging techniques across a wide range of sample types. She has extensive experience in SBFSEM, array tomography, electron tomography, and 3D data reconstruction. Her current work involves applying EDS to biological samples.
Dr. Zhidao Xia

Presenter: Dr. Zhidao Xia | Swansea University

Dr. Zhidao Xia is a Senior Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine at Swansea University Medical School. His main research area is skeletal tissue regeneration, in particular the application of biomaterials for regenerative medicine and implant/tissue interface. He systematically studied the role of wear metal nanoparticles in local tissue responses using EDS in combination with SEM and TEM. He is also interested in developing biodegradable bone grafts and showing the biodegradation in vivo using EDS based colour SEM.
Patricia Goggin

Presenter: Patricia Goggin | University of Southampton

Patricia Goggin is an electron microscopist working at the Biomedical Imaging Unit (BIU) in Southampton. The BIU is a core facility providing diagnostic and research services using high quality 2D, 3D, and 4D microscopy techniques. It is run and funded jointly by the University of Southampton and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Patricia’s work involves application of TEM, SEM, and EDX to an eclectic variety of sample types and training of users. She is particularly involved in diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia, a rare respiratory condition, and research into 3D bone cell ultrastructure.

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