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Mineral Liberation Analysis using INCAMineral

Mineral liberation is a critical stage in the production of high-quality mineralogical concentrates from their ores. The products (concentrates) must be of a suitable degree of purity for the downstream processes in which they will be used. The original mined ore must be processed via comminution (crushing, grinding and classification) to liberate the desired minerals from it and via concentration (froth flotation, gravity separation, magnetic separation) to enrich the mineral content to the desired level. In order to design, diagnose, monitor and optimise the process, information is needed on the extent to which the valuable mineral grains have been released from the accompanying gangue minerals (degree of liberation) and to which form they are lost in tailings (deportment studies).

INCAMineral introduces a series of recipes and setup parameters to INCAFeature which are dedicated to particle and mineral grain analysis. Included with the package is the post-processing program GrainAlyzer, which enables in depth analysis of individual grains and outputs detailed mineral liberation and association reports.

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