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Upgrade to
Xplore and AZtecLive

Why should you upgrade your Si(Li) system?

Maximise your sample analyses by upgrading your existing LN2-cooled Si(Li) EDS system to the new Xplore silicon drift detector (SDD) EDS system with AZtecLive software. Part for Si(Li) detectors are increasingly hard to come by so upgrade now to newer technology which will ensure that you benefit from increased productivity, accuracy and support.

We have a limited time special offer for shipments before June 2020, so get in touch with your local sales or service representative today.

Make sure that you benefit from:

  • Increased capability with live EDS chemical imaging
  • Increased productivity and fast throughput
  • Increased certainty and high-quality results
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Latest fully-supported technology

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