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Advanced biological SEM

Advanced biological SEM: making the most of your microscope

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This webinar discusses the range of techniques available to biologists and provides examples of different types of samples, from plants and tissues to cells and organelles, covering medical applications and cell biology.

This webinar aims to provide an overview of techniques available for people interested in applying SEM to their biological research.

You will learn how to: 

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Rosie Jones

Presenter: Dr Louise Hughes 

Dr Louise Hughes is the Product Manager for Life Sciences at Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis. Louise specialises in 3D electron microscopy and has been a biological electron microscopist since 2000. Her research focus has been on optimising biological sample preparation, methodology and imaging techniques across a wide range of sample types. She has extensive experience in SBFSEM, array tomography, electron tomography, correlative microscopy, and 3D data reconstruction. Her current work involves applying EDS to biological samples and working on correlative data acquisition and analysis.

Bio-Imaging & Life Science

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