A detector for general EDS

Xplore EDS detector is designed for routine analysis in the SEM. It contains the same proven technology from the class leading Ultim Max high large area detectors, so users can expect the same high-quality results, but in a much smaller package. Xplore complements our comprehensive EDS portfolio and means that AZtecLive real-time chemical imaging is now available to all users.

The Xplore range of detectors are available with sensor sizes up to 65 mm2 and all come with a guaranteed Mn Kα resolution of 129 eV on your SEM. Furthermore, this resolution is guaranteed at real working conditions (up to 100 Kcps). This makes Xplore an ideal detector for those who want the reliability and accuracy of a high-end detector in an affordable no-nonsense package.

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No compromise in accuracy, reliabilty or quality 

Xplore is a high throughput compact EDS detector designed for routine microanalysis in the SEM. It’s innovative design means that it has the quality and accuracy you expect from the class leading Ultim Max large area detectors, but in a much smaller package.

Reduction in cost and complexity but not at the expense of accuracy, reliability or quality. 

✔️ Ultim Technology Inside

We use the proven technology from our class leading large area Ultim Max detector with its high throughput X4 electronics, to create the Xplore and x1.

✔️ Maximising Uptime

Stripping out unnecessary components like motorised insertion and extra cooling capacity to reduce number of parts and to make In-Field Repair a reality. Fewer parts, fewer things to go wrong.

✔️ Small footprint

Ideal for small SEM columns or for those workhorse microscopes with a whole host of detectors and attachments.

Users have a choice of TWO software platforms for their EDS system:


Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis AZtecOne software on screen

The AZtecOne platform has a simplified interface, designed for users with little or no EDS knowledge and for those who require a system to deliver quick results:

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Easy to teach
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Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis software, AZtecLive

The AZtecLive Platform is designed for users who require more advanced functionality and flexibility:

  • Live Chemical Imaging as standard
  • Guided and custom modes of operation
  • Host of software options
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Key Features

✔️ Sensor Sizes

Available in 15 mm2, 30 mm2 and 65 mm2 sensor sizes.

✔️ Speed

Mapping can be carried out at count rates >1,000,000 cps.

✔️ Guaranteed Resolution

Mn Kαα res guaranteed to be <129 eV at 100 Kcps for all sensor sizes.

✔️ Analysis at realistic count rates

Quantitative analysis at count rates > 100 Kcps.

✔️ Detection range

Detection from boron (B) to californium (Cf).


The combination of the high throughput Xplore hardware, easy-to-use software, and AZtecLive chemical imaging is a winning combination for application areas such as:

  •  Failure Analysis
  •  Quality Control
  •  General forensic investigation in the SEM

Ideal for 'Quality Control' applications

Quickly spot any differences between a production sample and a ‘Control’ sample with instant live spectrum compare. Spectrum acquisition in AZtec has been designed to take advantage of the high count rates generated by the latest SDD detectors to deliver accurate sample information in real time. Simply select the area to analyse, then in the few seconds required to collect a spectrum:

    •  Elements are identified using an improved version of our field-proven Automatic peak ID routine
    •  Composition is displayed in the unique MiniQuant using the accuracy of new Tru-Q technology 
    Spectrum comparison showing elemental composition differences between a production sample and a ‘Control’ sample with instant live spectrum compare
    EDS Elemental Layered image of the Cross-section of a pain relief  tablet showing the distribution of ingredients and excipients. The structure of the tablet can be clearly identified and can then be easily compared to any counterfeit product

    Identification of counterfeit or patent-infringing products

    The production and sale of counterfeit pharmaceutical products is a global problem (estimated losses range from $160 to $200 Billion a year). In addition, to the monetary loss, there is the risk of potentially harmful products making their way into consumer use.

    AZtecLive can help you easily see key element distribution and chemistry differences or similarities between branded products and suspected counterfeits.

    Layer and composites

    Paper manufacturers use additives and coatings to give their products different properties. For example, calcium carbonate is used to reduce paper shrinkage and improve whiteness.

    Preparing cross-sections of your sample is a great way of investigating their structure. X-ray maps overlaid on an electron image clearly distinguish layers, coatings and additive distributions.

    EDS Elemental Layered image of the Cross-section of a Paper sample. This enables the structural investigation of thepaper for quality control and failure analysis purposes. The layered image allows users to distinguish layers, measure coating thicknesses and monitor additive distributions
    Live Chemical Imaging inspection of a powder sample, looking for contaminants

    Interact with your sample in real time with AZtecLive

    Using a ‘Live’ scanning electron image is part of an everyday analysis in the SEM. It is something that we take for granted and use to quickly gain an overall view of a sample or to find a particular feature of interest that may require a more focussed elemental investigation

    But this method has it’s drawbacks. In that it is sequential, random and no elemental information is obtained during stage movements. This process can take some time before you either find what you are looking for or until you are confident that you have a representative view of your sample.

    With Live Chemical Imaging, you no longer require prior knowledge of your sample to help you choose those areas to analyse further. AZtecLive Chemical Imaging enables you to view sample morphology and elemental distribution, simultaneously and continuously as you move around your sample. This speeds up your investigation, giving you the confidence that you have a representative view of your sample.

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    Ultim Max Detector

    Ultim Max detector

    Ultim Max EDS detectors use high-end technology to deliver unparalleled speed and sensitivity without compromising on accuracy or quality. This range of detectors combines the largest sensor sizes (up to 170 mm2) with Extreme electronics to deliver remarkable performance. All Ultim Max detectors can be easily and rapidly inserted when needed and retracted when not in use thanks to an integrated motorised slide.

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    Wave Spectrometer

    Wave Spectrometer

    The Wave spectrometer delivers the highest spectral resolution available for the SEM due to its unique, fully focusing Rowland circle geometry and curved crystals. The AZtecWave software combines the unique capability of the Wave spectrometer with Ultim Max for EDS to deliver a highly sensitive and accurate solution for major through to trace element analysis on the SEM.

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    Unity Detector

    Unity Detector

    Unity is a new detector for a revolutionary new imaging technique in the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Unity is the world’s first Backscattered Electron and X-ray (BEX) Imaging detector. It seamlessly combines backscattered electron and X-ray signals to deliver rapid high-definition colour images embedded with elemental data as you navigate around your sample.

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