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Relate is a correlative software package optimised to work with EM, EDS, EBSD, & AFM data and images.  It provides the tools you need to correlate data from different microscopes, visualise multi-layered data in 2D and 3D, and conduct correlative analyses.

  • Combining data from different imaging modalities (e.g. AFM, EDS & EBSD)

  • Interactive display of multi-layer correlated data

  • Analytical tools for metadata interrogation

  • Documented workflows and processes

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  • Import data from AZtec using the H5oina file format
  • Import AFM data
  • Correlate both sets of data using intuitive image overlays and image matching tools
  • Produce combined multimodal datasets


  • 2D display of multi-layered data
  • 3D visualisation of topography combined with AFM material properties, EM images, and EDS & EBSD map overlays
  • Customisation of colour palettes, data overlays, image rendering options, and document display
  • Export images and animations


  • Generate profile (cross section) views of multimodal data
  • Measure and quantify data across multiple layers
  • Analyse areas via data thresholding using amount of x-ray counts, phase maps, height, or other material properties.
  • Select an extensive range of measurement parameters
  • Export analytical data to text or CSV files
                                                                                    Features Relate Stereoscopy Option Image Analysis Option
Import HDF5 data stacks, IBW (Asylum Research AFM) files and common image formats (e.g. TIFF, PNG, JPEG) Included        Included          Included
Correlation of data stacks and images Included        Included          Included
Multiple layer 2D and 3D data visualisation  Included        Included          Included
Display optimisation (e.g. editable palettes, lighting, rescaling, rotation, rendering options) Included        Included          Included
Image rendering, 3D animation and video export  Included        Included          Included
Profile extraction from 2D and 3D data Included        Included          Included
Quantification of threshold-based ROI selection Included        Included          Included
Select and export quantitative correlated data from ROI  Included        Included          Included
Document workflows and construct template Included        Included          Included
3D reconstruction from stereoscopic SEM images         -        Included                 -
3D Reconstruction from single EM and 4-quadrent BSE images         -        Included                 -
 EM image colourisation         -        Included                 -
Import custom scripting from MATLAB         -        Included                 -
Texture analysis         -              -          Included
Image segmentation by threshold or morphological filters          -              -          Included
Statistical analysis of morphology         -              -          Included
Chromium (blue) and nickel (yellow) EDS maps overlaying AFM topography on a duplex steel sample

Duplex steel sample. Topography (AFM) and magnetic domains (MFM, in yellow) shown in combination with EBSD phase map (blue and red) and grain boundaries (greyscale)

Circuit board sample. EDS maps show the distribution of oxygen (red), aluminium (green) and titanium (blue) overlaying topography (obtained using AFM)

Electron image (greyscale) with EDS overlays showing the distribution of arsenic (blue) and carbon (red) of a SRAM device

Surface topography (AFM) of an SRAM device with EDS overlays showing the distribution of carbon (orange) and arsenic (blue)

Image intensity converted to height showing areas of conductivity on an SD chip


Tutorial 1: Starting, opening a new document & importing data



Tutorial 2: Correlating EM, EDS, and AFM datasets





Tutorial 3: Display options for visualising your multi-layer multi-modal correlated data set





Tutorial 4: Visualising your multi-layer multi-modal correlative data in 3D




Tutorial 5: Extracting profile or cross section data from correlative multi-layered datasets




Tutorial 6: Measuring and exporting quantitative data from multi-layer correlative microscopy datasets


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