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Employees analysing data collected from Oxford Instruments detectors

You will learn how to:

  • Set up analysis & equipment for speed & quality
  • Enhance your chemical analysis
  • Present data to effectively demonstrate findings
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Get the most from your EDS system

By attending this course, you will become a certified AZtecEnergy EDS user. With hands-on experience and expert advice, this course will teach you the best way to set up your experiments, therefore getting the most from your sample. The course will take you through experiment optimisation in AZtec for a wide range of scenarios, giving you the tools and methods to consistently apply them. Additionally the course will cover optimal microscope operating parameters and discuss the effects of deviating from these. 

This training will ensure that you can confidently analyse materials and present the data in an easily digestible format.

Data image of EDS wheat STEM LAM
Employee of Oxford Instruments pointing to whiteboard in the office

Our Trainers

Our course leaders all have several years of teaching experience as well as being expert users of Oxford Instruments equipment. Our team also have extensive experience with most application types and are ready to answer your questions and tailor the contents of the course to your needs.

Our course leaders are experienced with multimedia teaching methods ensuring that they can adjust the delivery of the course content to ensure that you get the most benefit from your time with us. Additionally, our team will be available to discuss follow up questions you may have when you are reviewing the course notes.


Our training centre's located in the recently renovated Oxford Instruments microscopy suite, based in the factory in High Wycombe. Here we pair our top-end products with a wide variety of Scanning Electron Microscopes, allowing us to demonstrate the full potential of our detectors and the power of AZtec software.

Our facilities allow us to offer multimedia teaching methods, allowing students to get practical experience to reinforce learning. During your visit, we also provide food and refreshment in our on-site canteen.

Olive catering cheff serving lunch to Oxford Instruments employees at the High Wycombe office

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