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Oxford Instruments Sentinel system continuously monitors key performance parameters of your detector and its constituent components. When connected to the internet, capturing and tracking this information allows us to remotely diagnose and remedy any issues before they cause significant impairment or failure.

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Remote diagnosis and remedy

Equipment in need of repair can be a significant cost to any organisation. At a minimum, through-put is reduced, impairing efficiency. In extreme cases, work can come to a standstill.

Sentinel gives you the confidence that your nanoscale analytical systems are performing optimally. By continuously monitoring and evaluating key performance parameters of your detector, and capturing the data, Sentinel allows us to see the condition of your equipment in real time. Oxford Instrument Systems are famously reliable. However, in the unlikely event of an issue arising, remedial action can be promptly taken to correct sub-optimal performance or prevent a failure occurring. Empowered with this knowledge, repairs can be scheduled at a time that suits you.

The data Sentinel provides means our service team know exactly what they are dealing. They can assess whether the issue can be addressed using LiveAssist, in which case, it can be rapidly and remotely rectified.

If a service call out proves necessary,  the engineer can arrive fully prepared, with the right tools and spare parts. This means the repair can be carried out the repair in one call, ensuring the detector is performing optimally again at the earliest possible moment and before a failure has occurred.

Getting the most out of Sentinel

As an IoT-based system, access to the full benefits of Sentinel requires detectors to be connected to the internet. However, even without this, significant diagnostic benefits can still be obtained. To learn more, speak to your Oxford Instruments Support team about how you can protect your working processes and productivity with Sentinel.