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AZtecSynergy provides a powerful solution for the simultaneous collection of EDS and EBSD data. All of the tools to collect excellent integrated data are included in one place with no complicated switching from one navigator to another.

  • Several navigators

  • Phase selection

  • Dual image capture

  • AutoCalibration

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AZtecSynergy combines the innovation and power in AZtecEnergy and AZtecHKL to create the ultimate materials characterisation system with simultaneous EBSD and EDS analyses...

EDS and EBSD are integrated in a single interface with no compromise on functionality or productivity

  • View EDS and EBSD data simultaneously at speeds in excess of 4500 points per second
  • View and optimise the acquisition parameters for both detectors from a single window
  • Unknown phases can be identified from the stored patterns and spectra once an EDS / EBSD data set is collected

Phase ID

Simultaneously collect the EDS spectrum and EBSD pattern from a single point on the sample, for accurate phase identification.

Integrated EBSD and EDS mapping

AZtecSynergy provides a true and complete characterisation of the sample in real-time.

AZtecSynergy is optimised so there’s no loss in performance when the EBSD and EDS data are collected simultaneously.

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