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EDS for SEM and FIB

We provide solutions from routine EDS microanalysis that demands high-through-put capabilities to the most advanced NanoAnalysis where performance counts:

Powered by the 'next generation' range of Silicon Drift Detectors, Ultim Max - including the world's largest area SDD at 170 mm2



The AZtecLive Platform is designed for users who require more advanced functionality and flexibility:

  • Live Chemical Imaging as standard
  • Guided and custom modes of operation
  • Host of software options

Available in four packages:

  • AZtecLiveLite
  • AZtecLiveSTD
  • AZtecLiveADV
  • AZtecLiveEXP
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The AZtecOne platform has a simplified interface, designed for users with little or no EDS knowledge and for those who require a system to deliver quick results:

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Easy to teach

Available in two packages:

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AZtecLive & Ultim Max

AZtecLive takes the EDS technique from the static to the dynamic with real-time chemical imaging. AZtecLive is powered by the next generation SDD detectors Ultim Max.

SDD Explained

This guide describes how SDD hardware detects and measures the X-rays and converts them into signals which can be used by EDS software to provide accurate and reliable analysis.


AZtecFeature is an innovative system for particle analysis in the SEM. It is specifically optimised for usability and high-speed throughput. This 12 page brochure gives an overview of the system.

Ultim Extreme

The Ultim Extreme is a windowless 100 mm2 version of X-Max designed to maximise sensitivity and spatial resolution. It uses a radical geometry to optimise both imaging and EDS performance in ultra-high resolution FEG-SEMs.


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