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AZtecBattery is a powerful, automated, solution for the analysis of powders used in the manufacturing of battery materials and batteries. AZtecBattery is ideal for the detection and identification of contaminants in powders all the way from the mining facility to the battery manufacturing plant.

  • Identification of contaminants so sources can be found

  • Complete characterisation of powders

  • Automated high throughput analysis

  • Easily Deployable across multiple systems and sites

  • Analysis and Reporting made easy

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Be confident in the identification of contaminants

  • Accurate identification of the elements in contaminants for easy source identification.​
  • Reliable results at high speed – in excess of 120,000 particles per hour can be analysed (dependent on hardware) and guaranteed composition quantification at 400kcps​


Flexible particle analysis lets you optimise and adapt to changing requirements quickly and easily​, saving time and money

  • Multiple thresholds lets you analyse of any contaminant whether it is brighter or darker than the powder​
  • Easily customisable classification accommodates newly discovered contamination types.​
  • Reconstruct large contaminant particles across field boundaries to ensure accurate morphology and composition measurements
  • Morphological filtering gives you the power to target particles of a dangerous size – saving time.
  • Comprehensive and smart filtering and classification functionality saves time by only acquiring data where it is needed​
  • Survey scan enables smart pre-screening of samples to determine how much contamination is present and automatically optimise acquisition strategy.
  • Z focus – maintain focus across large sample areas​


Powerful and flexible hardware configurations for the Ultimate in throughput

  • Ultim® Max or Xplore detectors with sensor areas up to 170mm2 for rapid analysis down to the smallest contaminant particles with greater statistical certainty and higher accuracy​
  • Optional multiple detectors configurations for the highest throughput​
  • Dedicated scan strategies and electronics find even the smallest inclusions​


Easily deployed across multiple systems and sites – ensure that suppliers analyse the same way as you do

  • Customisable instructions at every step of the workflow​
  • Intuitive software interface designed around a guided workflow ensuring reproducibility and ease of use​
  • All settings are pre-defined for optimal analysis and customisable instructions within the software guide operators to work in the same way each time​


Combine automated particle analysis with further investigations of batteries on a single instrument

  • Perform more detailed investigations of identified contaminants with X-ray mapping and Auto phase (Feature Phase) from within the same software suite​
  • Utilise your SEM for more by investigating a range of battery materials with combined EBSD and EDS in the same software suite​
  • Add Ultim® Extreme to work at very low energy and get valuable data from beam sensitive samples.

AZtecBattery automatically analyses powders over large area sample stubs – up to 200,000 particles and 10,000 fields per sample. Because of the achieved spatial resolution, it is possible to extract a wealth of information even from individual particles.


                                                                                                                           AZtecBattery Software
Identify common contaminants with dedicated classification          
Acquisition settings optimised for finding contaminants          
Custom step notes to guide users through the analysis process          
Reconstruction of particles to ensure true morphology measurements          
Morphology filtering of particles to save time by only acquiring those of interest          
Tru-Q for accuracy and reliability in element identification and quantification          
Live chemical imaging          
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Download this brochure to discover how AZtecBattery can help you ensure quality in your battery products by identifying contaminants quickly, reliably, and accurately in the SEM.

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