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The demand for ever more sophisticated and intelligent systems whether that is in the home, in a car or in the palm of your hand drives the relentless development in all aspects of the semiconductors and microelectronics industry. Whether analysing a defect in a device for power distribution in an electric car, the through silicon interconnects in a system in package (SIP) device or the abundance and chemistry of contaminant particles in a fabrication process it is important to have the tools available to solve any challenge.

Application Notes

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Applying nanomanipulation to the EBSD analysis of a gold wire

This application note describes a method of combining Oxford Instrument’s OmniProbe tools and AZtec EBSD system for the manipulation and analysis of a 5μm diameter gold microelectronic wire sample.

Analysing a NAND Flash memory device using low kV EDS

The combination of X-Max Extreme with GeminiSEM 500 provides a uniquely convenient and powerful imaging and analysis tool for investigating the morphology and chemistry of nano-structures down to less than 10nm. Using the example of ferrocerium nano-particles and GaInAs quantum dots this capability is demonstrated in practice…

High quality TEM lamella preparation and on-tip analysis using LayerProbe and the OmniProbe 400

Here we present a new technique that enables measurement of the local thickness and composition of TEM lamellae and discuss its application to the failure analysis of semiconductor devices.

LayerProbe - Analysing Flexible Electronics

LayerProbe enables the analyst to separate the contributions of the substrate and the structures and enables measurements of the thickness and composition at high resolution and in a non-destructive manner.


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