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Oi View is the groundbreaking new digital platform which delivers real-time insights on your Oxford Instruments systems to your phone, tablet or PC – stay informed, wherever you are.​

​Immediate access to system health and utilisation, and the progress of your live analyses, means you can plan with confidence, wherever you are. And because it works in real time, with optional notifications, you’ll know what is happening, as soon as it happens.​

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Oi View is a digital platform that brings the data and information you need daily to your device of choice. Whether you are a facility manager trying to keep operations running smoothly or a researcher trying to optimise your analyses, Oi View and Oxford Instruments are here to support you.​

​‘Oi View is a product that brings us closer to our customers and our customers closer to us’ – Christian Lang, Managing Director. ​

​With your system connected to Oi View, you are no longer tethered to the system, it will be with you wherever you are working, keeping you informed on its progress and health. And Oi View will also give you access to our knowledge base and support, meaning you always have an expert on your side.​

Personalised to you 

Robust and intuitive to use and navigate, Oi View provides insights and expertise that are personalised to you and to your lab, globally.​

​Oi View lets you track the progress of your live analyses on the systems you care about most, giving you the confidence to walk away from your machine knowing you will be informed if anything goes wrong. This frees you from your system, letting you make the best use of your time while maximising your facility’s productivity.

You will also be able to check if your favourite systems are being used and if there are any issues with them, wherever you are. This allows you to dynamically plan your work schedule around the system activity and availability. Immediate global access means it’s ideal to support teams working internationally or remotely, sharing global data insights.

More than data

But there’s more to Oi View than state-of-the-art data insights:​

from the most up-to-date and relevant documentation at your fingertips to consultations with Oxford Instruments application experts, Oi View will help you solve the trickiest of problems. In the process, you can enhance your skills and stay on top of the latest techniques. While for your lab, it means maximising microscope uptime, throughput and productivity. It’s a win-win for you and your lab.​

Keep your system in view​

Oi View ensures you are informed about your system’s health and utilisation, and the progress of any live analyses, in real time. This allows you the confidence to step away, plan and maximise your productivity.​

Our health and utilisation report service provides you with clear data to compare system productivity and articulate utilisation. It also informs you of any actions you can take to ensure your system stays in the best condition, so it can keep delivering quality results. To see what a report might look like for your system, download our example report.​

Our expertise at your fingertips​

Through Oi View, Oxford Instruments will help you solve the trickiest​ of problems whilst enhancing your skills.​​

From the most relevant documentation in Oi Library to consultations with Oxford Instruments application experts in My Consultations, Oi View will deliver up-to-date information directly to you.​

Our team of experts will support you with your analysis needs. Our quick response will ensure you can keep working whilst learning, and My Consultations will store any outcomes of your consultations, so you won't find yourself asking the same question twice.​

As Oi View is a shared space in which anyone signed up can access the outputs of consultations and get involved in the discussions, it means the learning of these consultations can be readily stored and shared, potentially becoming a hugely valuable repository of knowledge and best practice.​

Oi Library provides you with a curated view of the latest documents published by Oxford Instruments to support your ongoing learning and to help you stay on top of the latest techniques and advancements.​

Get the most out of Oi View​

There is more to Oi View than state-of-the-art data insights, but to maximise your system productivity you will want to make use of all the real-time updates Oi View can provide.​

Fortunately making sure your system is compatible and getting connected couldn’t be easier.

First, to check that your system is compatible you will need to check your AZtec Version number. Our video shows you where to look, and as long as you are running version 6.1 or newer, you will be able to get these benefits. If your version is older than this, please contact us, and we will support you through updating.​

Once your system is running compatible software, connect your system to the internet. If you have any security questions or need support with discussing getting connected with your IT, check out the Security Features tab or contact us.​

Lastly,  agree to our telemetry agreement in Assist, export your historic data, and it will continue sending data so you can make use of the real-time updates going forward.​

Your Security is our priority​

Oi View has been designed and engineered in partnership with digital experts and independently scrutinised to ensure that your data and systems are secure. The platform is built with the same commitment to quality for which Oxford Instruments is internationally recognised.​

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