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ProActive Support

Traditional service contracts are suitable for many of our customers. Enhanced with digital interface Oxford Instruments now offers ProActive Support, which means your Oxford Instruments Systems can be monitored and repaired remotely through:

  • Sentinel - System health remote monitoring 
  • LiveAssist - a virtual presence for your lab to assist with any technical issues in real time
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A virtual presence providing peace of mind

Traditionally, service visits occur at predefined intervals. Technical problems don’t always time themselves so predictably. By the time a problem is noticed, it has reached a point of imminent or actual failure. Getting instrumentation working again takes time, and can involve:

  • Raising the issue
  • Liaising with technical support
  • Arranging for an onsite Support visit
  • Waiting… until the scheduled time for repair
  • Arranging back office tasks, such as billing and administration

ProActive Support - how it works

ProActive Support is delivered by 2 new bespoke Oxford Instruments Support offerings:

Sentinel: system health is continuously monitored remotely

Live Assist: our virtual presence for your lab to help guide you through your issue remotely

Sentinel monitors key performance parameters and indicates any technical issues with your detector or system hardware in real-time. Connected to the internet, your system reports its various operational parameters, voltages, temperatures, humidity, motor currents, proximity sensor data and a whole host of other conditions, allowing us to remotely monitor the exact system status. Developing issues are automatically flagged on our systems dashboard to support engineers who routinely monitor them.

Traditional service line vs ProActive support timeline diagram

We will contact you directly.  You will then be guided through any issue you may have, using “LiveAssist” our virtual presence for your lab. This frequently results in a remedy with no need for a site visit being needed. If a visit is required, it can be scheduled at a convenient time, before a system failure occurs, so keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

To learn more about how you can protect your working processes and productivity with Oxford Instruments ProActive Support, speak to your Oxford Instruments Support team.