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AZtecLive 6.1

Oxford Instruments announces a host of new and improved analytical capabilities possible on an electron microscope with the release of AZtecLive 6.1. Whether working with EDS, EBSD or WDS, the release of AZtecLive 6.1 will enhance both the quality of the material analysis data obtainable and the ease and speed with which they can be obtained.

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AZtec & EDS

The new AZtecMatch functionality enables AZtec EDS users to identify features or samples automatically in the electron microscope. This speeds up analysis and increases; invaluable for anyone working on the failure analysis, quality control or characterisation of material.

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AZtecWave & WDS

Acquire Elemental maps using EDS and WDS simultaneously. The speed of EDS analysis is enhanced by the sensitivity of WDS ensuring accurate mapping results for trace elements, or elements affected by X-ray peak overlaps. Additionally, AZtec Point Automation enables WDS and EDS data to be automatically collected from points.

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The new “Optimize Experiment” step in AZtecHKL simplifies the EBSD data collection process. Optimize Experiment guides users through every stage of an EBSD measurement, ensuring maximum analysis speeds and optimum data quality, whatever the application.

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