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Taking Advantage of the H5OINA File Format Using Python

A new way to export data was introduced in AZtec, the H5OINA file format. It has been designed to allow exchange of microanalysis data within the Oxford Instruments’ AZtec ecosystem and with third-party software and libraries. The H5OINA format is used to export data to Oxford Instruments’ AZtecCrystal EBSD post-processing software, to the cross-correlation software package Relate, and now possible to export large datasets collected using AZtecFeature.

This application note explains to a new user how to set up their tools to extract data from the H5OINA file using one of the more popular programming languages among scientists, Python.

By downloading this application note, you will learn how:

  • To set up the computer to access and process raw X-ray maps, spectra, or images exactly the way you want and without any limitations
  • To extract a single spectrum and save it to a text file
  • To extract raw data from thousands of spectra
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