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Contaminants in Metered Dose Inhalers

Contamination is a key concern in the pharmaceutical industry and can come from many locations during drug production and as a result can contain materials such as glass, metals, polymers/plastics, rubber and organics
Identifying and understanding the source of this contamination is critical. Once the source is established, then elimination of the particulate contamination becomes considerably simpler - EDS is a key tool in this process

Contaminants in Metered Dose Inhalers

 AZtecLive is a powerful tool that can be used to survey samples from a metered dose inhaler and quickly identify sources of contamination such as aluminium particles from the canister. Further detailed analysis can then be carried out with AZtecFeature to determine the number and size of these contaminants.

Glass contamination can come from many sources and can again be identified and characterised with AZtecLive and AZtecFeature, but there are occassions where the particle size is so small that they have to be identified using TEM “Characterization of Glass Delamination by TEM: Results from a New Sample Preparation Technique E.F. Schumacher1 , H.M. Talesky1 and K.J. Diebold1”.

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