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Nanoparticle drug delivery

Finding new delivery mechanisms that can both protect the drug and also deliver it to where it is needed most is of paramount interest to the pharmaceutical/medical industry. There is much cutting edge research being carried out and the latest large area Silicon Drift Detectors enable EDS to play a vital roll.

Nanoparticle drug delivery

There is great interest in liposomes as nano-delivery systems for the treatment of infections like Tuberculosis. These nano-carriers allow an increase in the bioavailability of antibiotics, which may lead to a reduction in the time of treatment “Liposomes containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles – Daniel I Hadaruga et al “

Work is also being carried out into the biodegradability of these nano drug delivery mechanisms  “Biodegradable black phosphorus-based nanospheres for in vivo photothermal cancer therapy

- Jundong Shao et al