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Process Control and Particle Analysis

Once in volume production it is crucial that quality is maintained in the product and that variations in process of supplied parts are identified quickly. Variations are often identified by the presence of contaminant material or particles.

Process Control and Particle Analysis

Process variation, contamination or the presence of hard particles can cause significant issues when a device moves from development to volume manufacture. For example the presence of even nanometre size particles in a hard disk drive can result in disk failure or a head crash. To ensure quality and it is critical to quickly and accurately identify, analyse and classify those contaminants or particles. Accurate classification of foreign material allows the root cause of a failure or process variation to be determined quickly to minimise downtime, maximise productivity and ensure quality through your supply chain. AZtecFeature uses guided workflows and intelligent algorithms to easily detect and characterise thousands of particles that may be present over large sample areas.

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Application Notes

Particle & Feature Analysis with AZtecFeature

Here we consider AZtecFeature in the context of engine wear monitoring, geology and air cleanliness and pollution. We discuss how key improvements in AZtecFeature in combination with recent advances in EDS detector hardware make it a compelling proposition for a much wider group of researchers and practitioners in industry and academia.


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