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EBSD Optimises pFIB of Steel

Plasma focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes (PFIB-SEMs) are becoming more popular and accessible; however, they shouldn’t be expected to act in the same way as Ga+ FIBs. The main difference being that PFIBs are generally used to mill much larger areas/volumes compared with FIBs and can be used to prepare samples for electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis. However, for austenitic steels the PFIB can cause a phase change from face centre cubic (FCC) to body centre cubic (BCC). This application note shows that flowing XeF2 gas over the sample will mitigate this phase change.

By downloading this application note, you will learn how:

  •  Using XeF2 gas during milling will mitigate the phase change in austenitic steel
  •  Changing beam parameters can also aid with mitigating a phase change
  •  PFIBs can be used to prepare large areas for EBSD analysis
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