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Unity Reveals Nanoscale Battery Contamination in Seconds

Determining whether a battery powder contains contamination that could cause problems if incorporated into a finished battery requires information not just on the morphology of particles – as can be gained from standard SEM-based electron imaging but also information on the composition of contaminants. The combination of this information makes it possible to determine if there is a problem with a batch of powder, and if so, how to correct it. In this app note we show how BEX imaging with Unity makes it possible for this information to be gathered exceptionally quickly whilst navigating around samples and across large areas – as well as allowing for very high-quality imaging outputs to be easily collected.

By downloading this application note, you will learn:

  • How BEX imaging with Unity combines BSE and compositional X-rays
  • How battery powders can be rapidly imaged on a small and large scale
  • That BEX can produce high quality image outputs for reporting
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