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Addressing pseudo-symmetric mis-indexing in the EBSD analysis of gamma-TiAl

Recent developments in EBSD have enabled great improvements in indexing reliability and accuracy. However, some phases continue to pose considerable indexing challenges, especially those that present similar Kikuchi patterns for different crystallographic orientations. In this case the indexing algorithm may not clearly discern the correct orientation solution. This phenomenon is called “pseudo-symmetry”. Typically in these cases only very slight differences in inter-band angle separate the possible solutions and only robust and accurate band detection may identify the correct one among them.

This application note describes an application of AZtec Refined Accuracy in solving pseudosymmetry problems in γ-TiAl.

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • The challenges involved in analyzing γ-TiAl
  • How to solve γ-TiaL with AZtec Refined Accuracy

*Please note, this application note mentions NordlysNano, this has since been upgraded to Symmetry S3

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