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AZtec Grain Analysis

The grain size is an important parameter of a material, it will strongly affect mechanical and physical properties. Understanding how grain size is influenced through the processing of materials can assist in engineering materials with optimised properties.

The current development is towards materials with increasing smaller grains, often on the nanoscale. Traditional methods for grain size measurements are not all suited for nanoscale materials, however, the combination of SEM combined with EBSD is an ideal solution. This application of EBSD is not new, however as this technique becomes more widespread, the requirement is to develop a robust solution which delivers accurate results every time. Oxford Instruments AZtec EBSD system has a dedicated Grain Analysis mode which is both reliable and flexible for this application.

The two applications in this application note that will demonstrate AZtec Grain Analysis are:

  • Grain characterisation through recovery and recrystallization of a folded Al alloy
  • Grain size variation through a spot welded steel

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • How the Grain Analysis mode in AZtec is an ideal tool for accurately identifying grain and measuring grain size
  • How AZtec Grain Analysis is optimised for easy, fast and reliable grain analysis directly after data acquisition
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