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EBSD analysis of Lead Halide Perovskites using Symmetry

Methylammonium Lead Halides (MALHs) are organic crystal compounds used in solar cells, LEDs, LASERs and photodetectors. The performance of these MALHs is heavily dependent on their grain size and texture, however, characterisation has previously been difficult using SEM-based techniques due to them being too sensitive to analyse with an electron beam.

Recent improvements to electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) detectors now allow characterisation of grain size and texture in methylammonium lead iodide. For the first time, grain size and texture in MAPbI3 has been characterised using EBSD and the Symmetry® detector.

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • Summary of the recent improvements in EBSD using CMOS
  • Comparison of CCD and CMOS based EBSD detectors
  • Example diffraction patterns (EBSPs) from MAPbI3
  • Grain size and texture characterisation in MALHs example
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