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Evaluating Dislocation Densities and Slip Systems in deformed Titanium using EBSD

In this application note, two deformed Ti alloys are characterised using EBSD. The resulting orientation data are processed using AZtecCrystal to extract detailed information about the nature and density of geometrically necessary dislocations. The results highlight that, although the dislocation densities are broadly similar, the Burgers vector orientations are very different and indicate the operation of different slip systems in the two samples. This rapid dislocation characterisation using EBSD can enable a better understanding of deformation processes and thus of the resulting physical properties of materials.

By downloading this application note, you will learn:

  • How EBSD can characterise severely deformed materials
  • How dislocation density information can be extracted from EBSD data
  • The importance of looking at Burgers vector orientations
  • The power of the dislocation analysis functionality in AZtecCrystal
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