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Large area EBSD mapping of quartz layers sheared around rigid porphyroclasts

Microstructural information in geological samples can be gathered and imaged using an SEM equipped with an EBSD detector and combined with specialist software. EBSD enables the identification of mineral phases based on their particular crystallographic characteristics and allows the orientation of mineral grains to be determined. Large-area EBSD mapping, with Oxford Instruments’ AZtec® software, allows large quantities of information relating to microstructural deformation to be obtained, enabling the history and evolution of a geological sample to be revealed. This study investigates the microstructural response of quartz layers to flow around rigid secondary garnet porphyroclasts during ductile deformation.

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  • How Large Area EBSD Mapping in AZtec can be used to gain a greater understanding into shear zone kinematics in geology

*Please note, this application note refers to NordlysNano. This has since been upgraded to Symmetry S3.

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