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Morphology Characterisation and Contamination Detection in Additive Manufacturing Powders with AZtecAM

Additive manufacturing (AM) has a wide range of applications across many industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare and construction. The metal powders used in AM are the building blocks on which the technique is based. In order to ensure the production of high-quality products that are resistant to failure, it is essential that the individual particles within the powders have the necessary morphology, size distribution and chemical composition, as well as being completely free from contaminants.

By downloading this application note, you will learn how:

  • AZtecAM is an automated solution developed specifically for the analysis of all aspects of AM powder samples, using EDS in SEM. 
  • Rapid characterisation provides full morphological and chemical details of the individual particles, enabling a quick assessment of the quality of an AM powder batch and instant detection and classification of any impurities or contaminants.
  • Particles across the population can be assessed and how contamination can be easily detected and classified.
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