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Rapid Characterisation of Steel and Ni

The groundbreaking Symmetry CMOS-based EBSD detector, together with the powerful AZtec® software, is capable of acquiring EBSD and EDS data at speeds in excess of 3000 indexed patterns per second (pps). These speeds, twice as fast as those achievable with conventional CCD-based detectors, are further enhanced by the fact that extreme pixel-binning of the diffraction patterns is not necessary. This means that the quality of the data collected using Symmetry is significantly better than with CCD-based detectors, both in terms of hit rate and also angular accuracy. In this application note we give examples of how Symmetry can be used to characterise the microstructures in two example metals at high speeds, providing reliable statistics in affordable timescales.

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  • How Symmetry can be used to characterise a deformed Ni superalloy and a large area across a welded duplex steel.
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