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Rapid Microstructural Characterisation of Rolled Ni Sheets using the Symmetry S2 EBSD Detector

EBSD is often considered an ideal tool for detailed microstructural characterisation of a range of materials, but too slow for routine inspection. The speed and sensitivity of the Symmetry S2 EBSD detector, with an analysis speed in excess of 4500 patterns per second (pps), now enables effective measurement of samples in just 1-2 minutes thus making it a viable tool for routine materials characterisation.

In this application note the Symmetry S2 detector, coupled with the fast and robust performance of the AZtecHKL acquisition platform and the power of the AZtecCrystal data processing software, is used to characterise a rolled Ni sheet before and after heat treatment. The individual 2-minute analyses provide all key microstructural information including grain size, texture, boundary populations and the recrystallised fraction.

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • The ability of AZtecHKL and Symmetry S2 to characterise microstructures in just 2 minutes at speeds exceeding 4500 pps
  • The wealth of microstructural information that can be extracted from a single EBSD dataset
  • The power of AZtecCrystal to examine key microstructural parameters
  • The significant changes to texture, grain size and boundary populations caused by brief heat treatment of rolled Ni sheets
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