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Steel Cleanliness Analysis to International Standards with AZtecSteel

Steels are used for a wide range of purposes with their properties optimised for the particular application they have been designed for. The presence of non-metallic inclusions in steel can have a significant effect on that steel’s properties and consequently, analysing and documenting non-metallic inclusions according to nationally or internationally agreed published standards is crucial both for assessing and communicating the quality of a steel.

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • AZtecSteel is an automated solution developed specifically for the analysis and reporting of cleanliness ratings of steels, using EDS in SEM, providing fast, accurate and reliable data
  • How inclusions across the population can be assessed and how inclusions can be classified across the sample
  • The use of AZtecSteel for the reporting of data automatically collected on steel inclusions to the requirements of published national and international standards
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