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The Characterisation of Additive Manufacturing Powders with AZtecAM

Metal powders are the intrinsic building blocks on which the additive manufacturing (AM) technique is based. To ensure the highest quality products, it is important that the individual particles within the powders fall within certain shape and size parameters, are distributed correctly and are free of contaminants.

AZtecAM, a recipe for AZtecFeature, offers complete characterisation of all aspects of metal powders used in additive manufacturing. Providing fully quantified compositional data both obtained and processed at the highest possible speeds ensuring timely and efficient analysis of large areas.

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • Characterisation of all aspects of metal powders used in additive manufacturing
  • Example of the complete characterisation of two additive manufacturing powders
  • Summary of particle morphology characterisation and determining contamination
  • Classification of contaminant particles and individual particle characterisation
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