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What are the capabilities of the BEX technique, and what does its future hold?

| An interview with BEX product manager, Dr Haithem Mansour

Recently, Haithem Mansour, BEX product manager, spoke with AZo Nano about how the new analytical technique, BEX, is changing how microscopists work on SEM, removing the guesswork and providing high-resolution data imaging in a fraction of the time.

Haithem discussed the challenges faced by the development team which has allowed this advancement in SEM imaging that Unity, the world’s first BEX detector, introduces. Not only were there many obstacles to be cleared before the compact head - which sits below the pole-piece and is a primary factor in the ability of Unity to acquire data at standard SEM operating conditions - became a reality. Additionally, while the Unity software builds on AZtec Live Chemical Imaging, significant software development was needed to enable Unity to handle large data through-puts from multiple sensors of which it is capable.

To learn more about the development and capability of Unity, watch the above video.

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