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Can you identify 5/5 of these holiday themed data images?

23rd December 2019 | Author: Zoe Jackson

Can you identify 5/5 of these holiday themed data images?

This Christmas at Oxford Instruments, we decided to do something special for our staff – we created a little competition using some Winter themed items and a Scanning Electron Microscope. Participants had to guess what we had put in the microscope, and if they got it right then they were entered into a prize draw.

To stretch your own brain muscles over the holiday season, take a peek below:

Sample 1 was collected at 5kV using our Ultim Extreme detector. All other samples were carbon coated and collected using an Ultim Max 170 at 20kV.

The images could have been acquired from any of these items:

MistletoeNativity SceneTree Lights
PinePaper HatBauble
HollySeason’s Greetings CardWrapping Paper
Mulled WineTinsel

Answers below:

Did you manage to guess right? Comment below how many of our Holiday themed samples you managed to identify.

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