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Quantitative EDS Explained: How to achieve great results

Quantitative EDS Explained: How to achieve great results

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This webinar explains the science behind the Oxford Instruments technologies and algorithms, as well as, how to achieve accurate, un-normalized quantitative results using an Oxford Instruments EDS system and the ‘standardless’ approach. Additionally, the use of EDS to produce high-quality results using Oxford Instruments software with a standard-based method will be explained, with published examples from the field of Earth Science.

Key learning objectives: 

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Rosie Jones

Presenter: Dr Rosie Jones

Dr Rosie Jones graduated with a BSc and MSc in GeoSciences and Geochemistry from the University of Leeds, and a PhD in Geology from the University of Edinburgh. She joined Oxford Instruments in 2019 after completing a postdoctoral research position at the University of Oxford. Rosie has always worked with a strong focus on (micro)analytical techniques, including SEM-EDS, EPMA, XRF and mass spectrometry. She is currently Product Manager for WDS and works within the X-Ray Products Team.
Simon Burgess

Presenter: Dr Simon Burgess

Dr Simon Burgess graduated with a PhD from Edinburgh University. He joined Oxford Instruments in 1997 and has always worked with a strong focus in product management and development. Simon has focused his research on the development of EDS and WDS systems, in particular hardware such as large area SDD and Extreme ultra-high sensitivity detectors. He is currently working as a business manager for EDS and WDS within the product marketing team.

Presenter: Dr Duncan Muir

Dr Duncan Muir runs the Earth Sciences Electron Microbeam Facility at Cardiff University, assisting users with their scanning electron microscope (SEM) related imaging and chemical analysis. He also uses electron microscopy and microanalysis for his own research investigating magma system processes of subduction zone volcanoes. The Electron Microbeam Facility at Cardiff University provides a service to both academic and commercial users.

What is Standardless Quantitative Analysis?

Learn more on what Standardless Quantitative Analysis is in our blog, written by expert Dr Simon Burgess. 

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