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Oxford Instruments 2021 new product showcase for EDS, WDS and EBSD
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NEW WEBINAR: Oxford Instruments 2021 new product showcase for EDS, WDS and EBSD

Join us for our NEW launch webinar to see Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis’ latest innovations!

We will present our newest solutions to solve the challenges you face in SEM/FIB based analysis, with exciting new developments for EDS, WDS and EBSD, including in AZtecLive chemical imaging, AZtecWave, AZtecFeature, AZtecHKL and AZtecCrystal.

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Smart automation in AZtecFeature makes particle analysis fast & accurate

You will learn: 

Rosie Jones

Presenter: Dr Rosie Jones

Dr Rosie Jones graduated with a BSc and MSc in GeoSciences and Geochemistry from the University of Leeds, and a PhD in Geology from the University of Edinburgh. She joined Oxford Instruments in 2019 after completing a postdoctoral research position at the University of Oxford. Rosie has always worked with a strong focus on (micro)analytical techniques, including SEM-EDS, EPMA, XRF and mass spectrometry. She is currently Product Manager for WDS and works within the X-Ray Products Team.
Simon Burgess

Presenter: Dr Simon Burgess

Dr Simon Burgess graduated with a PhD from Edinburgh University. He joined Oxford Instruments in 1997 and has always worked with a strong focus in product management and development. Simon has focused his research on the development of EDS and WDS systems, in particular hardware such as large area SDD and Extreme ultra-high sensitivity detectors. He is currently working as a business manager for EDS and WDS within the product marketing team.
Anthony Hyde

Presenter: Anthony Hyde

Anthony Hyde is an EDS product manager at Oxford Instruments, where he helps design, develop and market new EDS software and hardware. He has worked in the field of electron microscopy for the past 30 years, 20 of which have been with Oxford Instruments. A significant part of his time is spent speaking to users to find out what their applications are and what they really need from an EDS system.

Presenter: Dr Matt Hiscock

Dr Matt Hiscock is the Head of Product Science & Solutions at Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis and holds an MSci in geology from the University of Bristol and a PhD in geochemistry from the University of Edinburgh. He has also worked in the mining industry in Australia and been involved in the running of an academic SEM facility. He joined Oxford Instruments in 2013 and oversees the development and use of products designed to solve specific problems, particularly in the field of feature analysis.

Presenter: Dr Pat Trimby

Graduating with a degree in Geology from Oxford University, Dr. Pat Trimby started working with electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) in 1994 during his PhD and has been closely involved with the technique ever since. During a number of subsequent roles in both commercial and academic microscopy he has expanded his interests into the wider field of SEM-based microanalysis, with a strong focus on the development of improved analytical techniques. He joined Oxford Instruments in 2017 as the EBSD product manager within the Nanoanalysis marketing team.