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AZtecTimed is a free, timed offline licence for the whole of the AZtec suite*. Obtain your free copy and continue to process data sets you've already acquired from home, allowing you to continue work on publications or reports without the need to access your laboratory systems.

By downloading AZtecTimed, you will gain access to functionality such as AZtecFeature and AZtecCrystal for the duration of the licence, even if they are not included in your standard licence.

Use AZtecTimed to: 

  • Learn new data analysis skills or set up training for your team
  • Detect, measure and analyse data 
  • Solve your materials problems
  • Access automated analysis solutions
  • Work on existing data sets 
  • Explore new functionalities 

Licence valid until 30 June 2021.

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*Not compatible with features that are dependent on third-party licences