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Determining the metamorphic history of rocks using combined EBSD & EDS

In this application note, a high temperature (T) and pressure (P) metamorphic rock from NW Scotland has been analysed using combined EBSD and EDS. The analysis, for the first time in this well-studied metamorphic complex, identifies all 3 types of Al2SiO5 – andalusite, kyanite and sillimanite – which form under distinct P-T conditions. This, together with detailed information about the relationship between different metamorphic minerals and an examination of deformation-related microstructures, enables a refinement of our understanding of the P-T history of these rocks.

By downloading this application note you will learn how:

  • EBSD and EDS can reliably identify key metamorphic minerals
  • The combination of chemistry and crystallography reveals each mineral’s history
  • A single analysis can provide extensive information about a rock’s metamorphic evolution
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