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EDS Characterisation of the SRAM device

The rise of emerging industries such as 5G and artificial intelligence has increased requirements for memory devices such as Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM). To achieve the necessary performance, devices must be characterised to ensure that they have been manufactured correctly and to investigate any failures. Interconnects play a critical role in these devices so their characterisation is crucial but with the device miniaturisation that task is becoming increasingly challenging.

By downloading this application note, you will learn how:

  • High-resolution EDS mapping of bulk devices using Ultim Extreme can be employed for the examination of the interface between the metal and dielectric layers
  • Extreme EDS can be used for diffusion tracking of metallic species and the assessment of the “critical” thickness of the barrier layers
  • Extreme EDS provides a means for the characterisation of multiple interfaces at a nm scale and also enables the operator to check that the device meets requirements
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