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High quality TEM lamella preparation and on-tip analysis using LayerProbe and the OmniProbe

High-resolution TEM image quality is greatly impacted by the thickness of the TEM sample (lamella) and the presence of any surface damage layer created during FIB-SEM sample preparation. Here we present a new technique that enables measurement of the local thickness and composition of TEM lamellae and discuss its application to the failure analysis of semiconductor devices. The local thickness in different device regions is accurately measured based on the X-ray emission excited by the electron beam in the FIB-SEM. Examples using this method to guide FIB-SEM preparation of high-quality lamellae and to characterise redeposition are shown for Si and III-V semiconductor devices.

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • How AZtec LayerProbe can be employed to measure the local lamella thickness and composition
  • How high-quality data can be obtained while analysing the sample held on the tip of an OmniProbe 400
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