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Quantification of nano-structures. Is STEM a good approach in the SEM?

As part of our studies into challenges of how to quantify nano-structures, we are starting to consider in greater depth the potential capability of a different method that allows us to use high-kV for quantitative analysis on nano-structures. This is done by analysing a thin lamella rather than a bulk sample, so called SEM-STEM or 30kV STEM. It’s a somewhat mis-leading term, as a STEM detector is not a requirement, but it takes advantage of the much smaller volume of interaction when an electron beam interacts with a thin sample / lamella at high kV.

By downloading this application note, you will how:

  • 30kV analysis of thin film lamellae or other electron transparent samples offers improved spatial resolution for the characterisation of nano-structures in the SEM
  • Compositional analysis using a thin film (Cliff-Lorimer) quant analysis method, provided the quality of the standardless analysis is good
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