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The Xplore EDS detector for routine analysis in the SEM. The introduction of Xplore complements our comprehensive EDS portfolio and means that AZtecLive real-time chemical imaging is now available to all users.

  • 15mm2 and 30mm2 Sensor Sizes
  • Guaranteed Mn Ka<129eV resolution on users microscope
  • Max count rates in excess of 1Mcps
  • Fully field replaceable components ensure Minimal downtime and Maximum uptime
  • Available with two software platforms:

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Xplore is the next generation of EDS detector for routine analysis in the SEM. The detector is available in 15mmand 30mm2 sensor sizes and is designed for a wide range of applications.

Xplore uses much of the new technology introduced and showcased in our larger Ultim Max detectors. It offers rapid data collection for live EDS analysis, while still guaranteeing the automatic reliable results required for routine analysis applications.

Speed - The combination of Extreme electronics with the X1 pulse processor allows Xplore to map samples at count rates of 1,000,000 cps and accurately quantify composition at 100,000 cps

Sensitivity - New compact design offers a small footprint and unique capability for in-field repair for maximum up-time and minimum service requirement

Extreme Electronics - Xplore incorporates tried and tested Extreme Electronics, which provides the lowest noise signal detection and processing. They ensure excellent energy resolution and spectrum quality is achieved at high count rates, enabling a guarantee of 129eV Mn Kα resolution at 100,000cps

Use our handy comparison table below to help you choose the best software option for you between AZtecLiveOne and AZtecLiveLite.

AZtecLiveOne AZtecLiveLite
Analyser Navigator/Step (Spectrum Acquisition)
Point&ID Navigator/Step (Spectrum Acquisition)
Mapping Navigator/Step (Map Acquisition)
LineScan Navigator/Step (LineScan Acquisition)
LiveSpectrum for AZtecLiveOne with Live Spectrum Viewer (Live chemical analysis)
LiveMapping for AZtecLiveOne (Live Chemical Imaging) Optional
AZtecOne AutoLock (Drift correction for AZtecLiveOne software) Optional
AZtecLiveStep (Live Chemical Imaging)
AZtecLiveTrace (Records locations visited during ‘Live’ analysis) Optional Upgrade Pack
Image Registration (use imported image to navigate in microscope) – also works on SEM images Optional Upgrade Pack
AZtec Standardisation Manager (Input users standards) Optional Upgrade Pack
Report Template Editor (Create your own report templates) Optional Upgrade Pack
Custom Mode (Configurable user interface) Optional Upgrade Pack
AZtec AutoLayer (Automatically combine electron image and X-ray maps in a single image) Optional Upgrade Pack
AZtec TruMap (Overlap and background corrected mapping) Optional Optional
AZtec AutoLock (Drift correction for AZtecLive Software) Optional
AZtec AutoPhaseMap (Automatic phase analysis) Optional
AZtec QuantMap (Quantitative Mapping and Linescanning) Optional
AZtec Large Area Mapping Optional
AZtec MapQueue (Automated point map acquisitions) Optional
AZtecFeature Analysis (Automated Particle Analysis software) Optional
          AZtecSteel (automated analysis and classification of non-metallic inclusionsin steel - Requires MS Office and AZtecFeature) Optional
          AZtecGSR Package (Gun Shot Residue analysis – requires AZtecFeature) Optional
          AZtecClean (Measure the Technical cleanliness of components to industrial standards - requires AZtecFeature) Optional
          AZtecAM (Automated analysis of particles used in Additive Manufacturing– requires AZtecFeature) Optional
          AZtecMineral - automates the acquisition of EDS data and morphological information from geological materials. The accompanying post-processing application, GrainAlyser2, includes the option to classify against a database containing >4000 mineral compositions. Optional
AZtec LayerProbe(Calculates thicknesses and compositions of multi-layer structures) Optional
AZtecLiveOne for AZtecLive (Add AZtecLiveOne functionality to an AZtecLive installation) Optional


The combination of the high throughput Xplore hardware, easy-to-use software, and AZtecLive chemical imaging are a winning combination for application areas such as:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • And general forensic investigation in the SEM

Ideal for 'Quality Control' applications

  • Quickly spot any differences between a production sample and a 'control' sample with instant Live spectrum compare.

Identification of counterfeit or patent-infringing products

  • The production and sale of counterfeit pharmaceutical products is a global problem (estimates on losses range from $160 to $200 Billion a year). In addition, to the monetary loss, there is the risk of potentially harmful products making their way into consumer use.
  • AZtecLive can help you easily see key element distribution and chemistry differences or similarities between branded products and suspected counterfeits.

Layer and composites

  • Paper manufacturers use additives and coatings to give their products different properties. For example, calcium carbonate is used to reduce paper shrinkage and improve whiteness. 
  • Preparing cross-sections of your sample is a great way of investigating their structure. X-ray maps overlaid on an electron image clearly distinguish layers, coatings and additive distributions.

Interact with your sample in real-time with AZtecLive

  • The AZtecLive interface enables real-time chemical investigation of the samples, viewing Live TV rate electron image and X-ray maps until you find a feature of interest.
  • See more of AZtecLive in action

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