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AZtec Tips & Tricks

11th April 2019 | Author: Anthony Hyde

AZtec Tips & Tricks

I spend a lot of my time travelling the world and speaking to customers about their research and how to help support them with our solutions. Surprisingly, (to me, at least), the most common questions I get asked aren't to do with the data at all. Instead, customers are asking how to make reporting changes. Based on this, I've created a couple of videos to help with these top 2 most commonly asked reporting requests.

1. How can I get my company logo into the AZtec report templates?

We know that it looks professional to hand a report in about your data analysis with your own company logo. The video below shows you how to switch from the default Oxford Instruments logo with your own company's by swapping out an image file within a system folder.

2. How to switch your spectra to monochrome to save on ink when printing?

With everyone becoming ever-more conscious of their environmental footprint, it’s great to hear that monochrome printing is high on the questions asked, particularly as the default setting for printing or copying spectra with our software is colour. Our second video shows you how to choose monochrome reports from the list of available templates in AZtec, and also how to switch into monochrome when copying and pasting from AZtec into a document.

This only scratches the surface of AZtec’s potential not just for reporting, but for all EDS analyses. To see more of AZtecLive get in touch below and book a demo.

Are there other AZtec Tips & Tricks you would like to find out about? Comment below and it will feature in one of our future blogs. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog too so that you don’t miss out any of our hints and tips from all of our product managers.

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