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Ultim Max Flyer

Ultim Max EDS detectors use high-end technology to deliver unparalleled speed and sensitivity without compromising on accuracy or quality. This range of detectors combines the largest sensor sizes (up to 170mm2) with Extreme electronics to deliver remarkable performance.

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Download this brochure to discover how AZtecBattery can help you ensure quality in your battery products by identifying contaminants quickly, reliably, and accurately in the SEM.

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Ultim Max TEM

Ultim Max is the next generation of Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) utilising our Extreme electronics to generate maximised sensitivity with increased throughput. This powers AZtecTEM, the market-leading software that delivers unparalleled elemental characterisation performance in the TEM.


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AZtecLive & Ultim Max

AZtecLive takes the EDS technique from the static to the dynamic with real-time chemical imaging. AZtecLive is powered by Ultim Max, the next generation SDD detectors combining the largest sensor sizes (170 mm2 and 100 mm2) with Extreme electronics to deliver unparalleled speed and sensitivity.

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Symmetry, the world's first EBSD detector based on CMOS sensor technology, is set to revolutionise EBSD analysis.


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Discover the market leading range of EBSD detectors based on CMOS technology: a world first in innovative technology.


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AZtecFeature is an innovative system for particle analysis in the SEM. It is specifically optimised for usability and high-speed throughput. This 12 page brochure gives an overview of the system.


AZtecGSR automates the analysis of Gunshot Residue Analysis in the SEM to provide fast, accurate and reproducible results to ASTM E1588 - 10e1.

Ultim Extreme

The Ultim Extreme is a windowless 100 mm2 version of X-Max designed to maximise sensitivity and spatial resolution. It uses a radical geometry to optimise both imaging and EDS performance in ultra-high resolution FEG-SEMs.


This 16 page brochure illustrates why AZtec is the leading EBSD analysis platform on the market. Covers both hardware and software.


LayerProbe analyses the composition and thickness of the surface and sub-surface layers of a specimen. A non-destructive tool based on established microanalysis technology, it is more cost-effective, higher resolution, and more accurate than dedicated film measurement tools.


A 16 page brochure showing why AZtecTEM is the most powerful solution for EDS on the TEM. It comprises software and hardware sections (inc X-Max 100TLE and X-Max TSR).

OmniProbe 400

This brochure goes into the features and benefits of our flagship nanomanipulator, the OmniProbe 400