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From Microanalysis to Nanoanalysis - in one Acquisition

In reality, microanalysis and nanoanalysis are misleading terms because, with Oxford instruments’ technology, both are possible -
even in a single acquisition. In this study, we look at how AutoPhaseMap is applied to study phases on the scale of 100μm - and those as small of 100nm - in a steel slag sample using SmartMap spectral mapping data collected in a single acquisition.

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • How low kV data collection is now relatively routine and efficient
  • How 64-bit processing capability allows 4K pixel resolution data to be interrogated with all the tools needed at native resolution

*Please note, this application note refers to X-Max & AZtecEnergy. These have since been upgraded to Ultim Max & AZtecLive respectively.

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