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Identification of Martensite in Steel by EBSD

One of the most topical challenges within the field of microstructure analysis is the identification of martensite in steels. While the identification of martensite platelets in an austenitic matrix is quite straightforward by EBSD, the discrimination between ferritic and martensitic phases with this technique is more difficult. Latest advances by Oxford Instruments have resulted in much-enhanced reliability. In this study, a 1.8715-steel was analysed using combined EBSD/EDS-analysis with the aim of identifying
martensite and retained austenite regions in a ferrite matrix.

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  • The potential to discriminate between phases in a steel sample

*Please note, this application note refers to NordlysNano & X-Max 80. This has since been upgraded to Symmetry S3 & Ultim Max respectively.

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