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Particle & Feature Analysis with AZtecFeature

Automated SEM based particle and feature analysis have been used for specific tasks such as gunshot residue analysis and technical cleanliness analysis for many years. The combination of morphological and chemical data on a particle by particle basis enables the deepest understanding of the nature of particulated samples with respect to the origin of particles and their role in the processes being studied. AZtecFeature is a new SEM software solution for particle analysis that offers increased speed, a significantly enhanced user experience and the highest possible accuracy. Here we consider AZtecFeature in the context of engine wear monitoring, geology and air cleanliness and pollution. We discuss how key improvements in AZtecFeature in combination with recent advances in EDS detector hardware make it a compelling proposition for a much wider group of researchers and practitioners in industry and academia.

By downloading this application note you will see:

  • How AZtecFeature makes particle analysis a straightforward operation
  • How Tru-Q algorithms ensure that data quality is maintained, even at the highest count rates

*Please note, this application note refers to X-Max, this has since been upgraded to Ultim Max

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