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AZtecLive Chemical Imaging & Enhanced Sample Navigation

Live Chemical Imaging combined with Enhanced Sample Navigation delivers an instantaneous and moving analysis experience for all users. The new Live Chemical Imaging functionality combined with Ultim large area detectors gives you the capability to investigate your samples far quicker and with greater confidence than ever before.

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Investigation of experimental slag samples

Investigation of experimental slag samples: AZtecLive enables quick and comprehensive investigation of a sample with real-time chemical feedback via the AZtecLive interface

Slags are studied for many reasons including the study of historical metal manufacture and the optimisation of current metal manufacturing processes. The phases and the compositions of the phases may be important in any study. In the example the presence of spinels of differing chemistry are highlighted in real-time. As we move around the sample we can see various Cr-spinels, and some Al spinels with Fe inclusions.

Real-time chemical imaging

Rapid Contamination Detection

  • The example in the video shows a Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V, which is in fine powder form. Ti6Al4V is a light alloy characterised by having excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with low specific weight and biocompatibility. It is ideal for many high-performance engineering applications, for example in aerospace and motor racing, and also for the production of biomedical implants
  • High-quality 3D printed metals require ultra pure (<99.9%) powder sources. The process of inspecting a powder is complex, as contaminants can be in trace concentrations
  • The video shows how Live Chemical Imaging is used to easily find a distribution of small Tungsten particle contamination from another Metal 3D printing powder. And as the investigation carries on, a handful of Nickel superalloy particles are also discovered.
Rapid contamination detection

Examination of a pharmaceutical tablet

Foreign body identification in products is the most common application. Whether it’s from the raw materials or the production process; Tracing the contamination back to source is key to preventing future occurrences. This contamination can cause the product to fail or in the worst case, cause harm to the consumer. In the example below, an initial investigation was carried out using AZtecLive Chemical Imaging to get a quick overview of the tablet structure and composition. Then a more detailed analysis was carried out using spectrum compare and then X-Ray mapping.

Investigation of Mechanical Properties

Investigating Printed Circuit Board

Normally optical microscopy is used to inspect failures in PCB to document where the defects are located. This can be a poor solder joint, cracks and contamination from the production process. Marking these defects on the optical image and importing into AZtecLive allows a quick relocation to these areas for detailed examination with SEM-EDS, where the source of contamination can be identified.


Live Chemical Imaging Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will take you through the new Live Chemical Imaging functionality in AZtecLive, while showing you how to get the best out of this ground-breaking technological advancement and how it can add value to any analysis.

Watch this video & learn: 

✅ How you can improve your productivity by using Live Chemical Imaging as an everyday tool 

✅ When and where Live Chemical Imaging can be used 

✅ How to get the best out of Live Chemical Imaging

Approx View time: 25 minutes

AZtecLive: Live Chemical Imaging

Recently added features in the AZtecLive software will help you conduct the most comprehensive analysis on your sample, in real-time, helping you solve challenges and achieve conclusive results in seconds.
In this video, watch how AZtecLive from Oxford Instruments delivers continuous, full-colour chemical analysis as you move around your sample, seeking areas of interest.

Approx View time: 3 minutes

AZtecLive: Live Chemical Imaging

We have developed our AZtecLive chemical imaging to provide faster, more comprehensive sample images, topography and chemistry in real-time. In this video, we discuss how continuous live imaging of elements, even when the stage is moving, makes understanding your sample, finding the important areas and collecting key analytical data a more straightforward, integrated and rapid process.

Approx View time: 5 minutes


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Brochure: AZtecLive & Ultim Max

AZtecLive takes the EDS technique from the static to the dynamic with real-time chemical imaging. AZtecLive is powered by Ultim Max, the next generation SDD detectors combining the largest sensor sizes with Extreme electronics to deliver unparalleled speed and sensitivity.

App note: AZtecLive In Depth: Tru-Q


This application note describes the unique approach and technology used in AZtecLive EDS systems to provide automatic real-time element identification and composition determination.


App note: AZtecLive In Depth: TruMap

This application note shows how TruMap displays in real-time the real variations of elements in a sample. It describes how minor element variations in a refractory oxide containing slag sample created during clean steel manufacture can be studied.


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