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2018 in Review

15th January 2019 | Author: Zoe Jackson

2018 in Review

It’s been a fantastic year here at the Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis family.

We kicked off our first quarter with an OI Ruby anniversary. Dr Peter Statham, our Director of R&D, celebrated 40 years of service on January 3rd. Peter has been an integral part of ensuring we remain at the forefront of scientific innovation, even being recognised for his contributions to the field of microscopy at Microscopy & Microanalysis - and we’re honoured by his continuous dedication to Oxford Instruments. 

Straddling February and March, Pittcon 2018 brought in the beginning of our event season. We always love getting to know everyone who comes to our booth, and this year at Orlando was no different – it was great to hear about the innovative research that is being undertaken around the globe.

What better way to start the new financial year than with a new product launch? April marked the release of our newest additions to the EBSD detector family: C-Swift and C-Nano. These detectors contain many of the same features as our ground-breaking Symmetry detector, including a customised CMOS sensor which is capable of delivering speed and sensitivity.

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Thanks to the tireless efforts of our marketing team, by the end of May we were well prepared for the release of our brand new Oxford Instruments website which brought a new modern look, as well as improved navigational capabilities.

As for June?

Business as usual in China, with our Hailar customer meeting being kicked off in style.

How to follow on from such a busy first half of the year? Here at Oxford Instruments, we’ve not heard of a quiet month, and July was no exception. Ultim® Max is our new and improved range of EDS detectors, which combine the largest sensor sizes with Extreme Electronics for the collection of up to 17x more data with no loss of accuracy. The addition of Ultim Max 40 and Ultim Max 65 provide a fully comprehensive set of sensor options for SEM & FIB.

August is an important month for OI. Microscopy & Microanalysis is one of our biggest events, and 2018 was no different. We like to think bigger and better each year – and not just with the size of our booth! [Image] Our team ran a comprehensive programme of over 20 seminars, presentations and teaching sessions, not to mention a jam-packed demo schedule over two electron microscopes. This gave countless opportunities to get to know you all and your research areas. As well as M&M, August marked another important release from our Service team. LiveAssist allows instant access to our support professionals, all working with you to ensure you get the right results: first-time and every time.

Behind the scenes this year a full factory refurbishment in High Wycombe had been undertaken.

September marked its completion. The new area provides a far more modern working environment as well as improved cleanliness and ESD control to aid in manufacturing quality. Our formal factory unveiling takes us into October which hosted many other exciting developments for Oxford Instruments.

For a live demonstration of our chemical imaging capabilities direct yourselves to Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ season two for our return to the small screen. Not only this, October marks the beginning of our ongoing monthly Webinar series in which we highlight various techniques and applications that are at the forefront of scientific innovation.

We’ve had a very serious year full of serious stories and serious successes, and none more so than the success of our team at Materials Research Society of Taiwan (MRS-T) in November. The team were responsible for presenting our newest product; the Lego Ultim Max. 

If only! However, December truly did bring in our final product launch of the year with AZtecTEM, powered by Ultim Max. With the addition of a whole range of TEM detectors, Oxford Instruments now ends the year with a full range of EDS detectors for all of your scanning or transmission needs.

How to follow on from such a productive year? Here at Oxford Instruments, we are constantly striving to improve; whether it be our detector capabilities, our service offerings or most importantly discovering new and interesting ways to engage and work with you. Check in frequently to see the latest updates in our blog & be sure to keep an eye out next year for our "2019 in Review" to see if we succeeded in going bigger and better. In the meantime sign up to our mailing list for monthly updates.

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