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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is a broad term referring to manufacturing processes which use cutting edge technology, new techniques or requires a high degree of skill. The definition is dependent on the industry, as advanced manufacturing methods in the automotive industry may be considered routine for aerospace applications and vice versa. In all cases, the drive for advanced manufacturing is to add value to the process. The value can arise from; improvements to an existing process, meeting new technical challenges or an idea leading to a new process.

To achieve added value, you must understand the process and how it differentiates the product/material. This is often a microstructure or composition change resulting in increased lifetime, improvement component performance or a cost reduction. Discover how Oxford Instruments can help you understand your process to help you deliver a reliable and consistent product.

Areas commonly considered as advanced manufacturing include:


The Complete Characterisation of Additive Manufacturing Powders with AZtecAM

Investigate the streamlined process through the dedicated AZtecAM software recipe, for complete characterisation of all aspects of metal powders used in additive manufacturing. Ensure the characterisation, particle morphology and individual particle characterisation.


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