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The AZtecLive software platform combines unrivalled speed and accuracy of results for routine analysis, with the flexibility and power required for more complex applications. Includes all the tools required to help you quickly analyse and characterise your sample with confidence and ease. Tools such as ’AZtecLive Chemical Imaging’, ‘Spectrum Acquisition’, ‘X-Ray SmartMapping’ and ‘LineScanning’ ensure you can determine what elements are present in your sample and how they are distributed. Unique Tru Q® technology ensures that elements are automatically identified and quantified to new levels of accuracy.

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The new Live Chemical Imaging step is the next phase in the revolutionary AZtecLive Chemical Imaging development and is the only system that enables you to view sample morphology and elemental distribution, simultaneously and continuously as you move around your sample.

Every facet of AZtecLive has been optimised with speed and productivity in mind, without compromising accuracy and reliability A combination of innovative design and Tru-Q technology delivers you the best ‘out of the box’ standardless analysis results.

AZtecLive has a host of tools and technologies that will transform the way you get results and enable everyone to see ‘The Real Picture’. From TruMap to Large Area Mapping, AZtecLive will help you characterise your sample’s morphology and chemistry.

AZtecLive is designed to meet the needs of multi-user environments, where each user may have different levels of EDS experience. It’s important that the software is easy to use and full of clever tools designed to not only get the right results, but also get those results reported.

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